(*They really are)
A Playlist of some of the most gorgeous classical tracks out there, Curated with love by SÓN

Those of you who keep your ear to the ground will know that Robin Browning, our conductor and artistic director, popped into the BBC Radio Solent studios this week to chat with their legendary presenter Alex Dyke, live in the studio. Browning was responding to Dyke’s – ahem – slightly disparaging comments on air about the Classic FM top 300, along the lines of there only being 20 boring pieces of classical music which people just spin round and round. Here at SÓN HQ we couldn’t let that lie, so promptly dispatched Browning to hammer on the studio door until they let him in.

Or something like that.

To accompany this fascinating discussion, and prove to world that there’s loads of brilliant classical music out there, we’ve come up with this little playlist. We hope it’ll go some way to disproving the nonsense that all classical music is the same, is boring, is rubbish – whatever. A huge amount of classical can be amazing – just ask any of our musicians.

We’ve compiled a list of incredible, often slightly unusual tracks, from across the classical genre – from baroque through opera, string quartets to solo vocal, right up into the present day. And we’ve chosen what we think are the very best recordings and performances out there, too, so you’re sampling the sounds of some of the greatest musicians of all time (alas, no SÓN recordings in there yet – give it time!)

So here’s our new playlist – 20 pieces of classical music definitely worth the effort

We hope you enjoy the list! Please leave some comments below and let’s really get this discussion rockin-n-rollin (as it were). Let us know if you’d like some more craftily-curated playlists – we’d be happy to oblige if the interest’s there.

Finally, here’s a link to that radio interview in all its radio-banter glory. Happy listening!