As lots of you will know, we bring our current season to a close this weekend with Copland Unwrapped at Southampton’s Turner Sims. As with every composer featured in our Unwrapped series, we don’t only present the music in all its incandescent glory. We always give you plenty of extra, too – stories about why it was written, HOW it was written, and often who it was written for. All thanks to our amazing partner David Owen Norris, with glimmering extracts performed by our orchestra, live on stage, putting the whole lot into context.

So, before we perform Appalachian Spring live and explore its every musical detail, we thought you might enjoy doing some exploring, too. We’ve created another SÓN Playlist, all about Copland’s music – plus some bits and pieces about spring, some other American gems from the mid-twentieth century, and, erm, some prog rock. Of course.

With love from SÓN – enjoy!