3 films from our launch concert Sibelius Unwrapped

són launch concert – Sibelius Unwrapped
Three films from Wash Media

Three beautiful films introducing són during their professional launch event, filmed at Turner Sims in 2015. Featuring concert highlights, rehearsal footage and interviews, these are a perfect way to find out more about són, the UK’s newest – and Southampton’s first – professional orchestra. Created by the wonderful people at Wash Media.

Film 1són in rehearsal & performance, including a performance of Sibelius: Death of Melisande

Film 2 – Sibelius: Impromptu for Strings, op 5

Film 3 – són Showreel – featuring the orchestra in rehearsal & performance, with interviews & behind-the-scenes footage

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In conversation with Piers Burton-Page

són Artistic Director Robin Browning in conversation with broadcaster Piers Burton-Page, talking about Sibelius, the són launch concert, and astronomy – amongst other things

Aurora Borealis time-lapse film

Exactly 2 months to go before our launch concert Sibelius Unwrapped, the són creative team put this little trailer together to celebrate the music of Jean Sibelius, the nordic landscape and northern lights. Only short – but beautiful.

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