Debut review for a debut orchestra!


The UK’s newest professional orchestra – són, which launched only a few days ago in Southampton – have already received their first review.

Written by an audience-member attending his very first classical concert, rather than one of the more standard classical reviewers, it stands as testament to the quality of the performance as a whole and how engrossing it must have been for this particular concert-newcomer:

“I bit the bullet and purchased 2 tickets … and WOW!!!! How epic was that, a real live orchestra, it was so ear-opening … It all makes sense now, the birth of a brand new era in Southampton – són … what a work of art it is … I can only describe as beautiful!”

The writer was so enraptured, he has already purchased a block of tickets for the next concert this spring – Eroica Unwrapped, at Turner Sims, on 22 April 2016. It goes to show that both of these newcomers to the South’s musical scene – our reviewer quoted above, plus the fresh new chamber orchestra són, are each moving in the right direction.

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